Cash Money

Can I Buy a House with Cash?

Hey, it’s Des giving you guys the keys to home ownership.

​​​​​​​Here’s the key, I am with TDRealty. Let’s talk about using cash money when it comes to buying a house. You may have been saving your money and this cash is stored under your bed, but However, if it’s not in a bank account, we cannot use it.


So, we need to make sure that all money can be sourced. So, if you’re hiding money underneath that pillow, underneath the bed mattress, or wherever you are hiding it, we need to be able to source it. If you have this issue, let’s get it in the bank account. We can discuss ways to do it. We will talk about that one-on-one.

Let me know if you need help with this process. You can’t buy a house with money under the pillow! it needs to be in a bank account. Let’s talk about it first. You can’t tell me you have $5000.00 saved up and I’m ready to buy a house and it’s all cash.

There is your tip for today. Remember it is Des Aina. Here’s the key TDRealty. Make sure you guys share the videos with everybody and check out our next home buyer event. Thank you

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