Associated Fees

Fees Associated Outside the Down Payment Assistance

1. The Option Fee
2. The Earnest Money Fee
3. Appraisal Fee
4. Inspection Fee


It is Des with TDRealty giving you all the keys to reaching your goal of homeownership. Here’s the key.

We talked about fees outside of the down payment. Now those things can include option fee, earnest money fee, appraisal fee, and inspection fee. Those fees can get up to about $3,000, but we can reduce those fees. It all comes down to negotiating. There are no guarantees, so that’s money that you want to already have saved up.

When we get started on the home buying process you will already have money to cover these fees, so we can use those funds. It can be a little lower just depending on if it’s a new house, but you should plan to have between two and three thousand dollars ($2,000 – $3,000) saved for fees so that we can get you in the house of your dreams. Because homeownership is the goal, I am Des Aina, and Here’s the Key!

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